The Falcon – Rl Burnouts Inc tab

Left handed
			     The Falcon - R.L. Burnouts Inc.
Tabbed by: rob

another easy one. just chords again.
G                                  C
Slit my throat from ear to ear and drink my blood like wine
  G                                 C
i ain't afraid of living, boy and i ain't afraid to die 
  G                              C
i ain't no goddamn vampire and i ain't leaking tears 
    G                             C
its not about them photographs or shouting out them beers 
     D                              C
i've stood out that corner and i've waited for that man 
     D                                           C
i've felt that beat pump through my veins as the money changed its hands
     G                   D                   E                    C
i've walked these lonely city roads and i've climbed these purple hills
     G                 D            C  
i've stood itching and waiting, god damn 
                           G  C  G  C
goddamn, i'm waiting still 

         G                        C
have you ever felt the sunrise in twitching, aching arms 
   G                                     C
or held your black spots in you palm and squeezed and loved them hard?
   D                            C   
my city's so forgiving but this life, it ain't no living 
             G C G C
take me home 

          E      D           C       
you never cry in bottles you cry when you get home 
         E                    D                    C                  D
when you watch your life walk out the door and you fall asleep alone 
  E           D            C
i got my shit together but lord knows where i'm going 
        G     C  G  C
take me home


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