The Falcon - Unicorn Odyssey tab

I couldn't find any tabs for this amazing song, so I thought fuck it
I'll make my first tab.

It's got every little detail and I'd put money
on it being 100% correct.

It's split up into loads of tiny sections to
make it easier but its a really really easy tune anyway.

I haven't done the strumming patterns
but they are a piece of piss.

/ = slide up
h = hammer on
p = pull off


E|------------|B|------------|G|--9--7------|D|--------10--| Repeat 18 times, holding the 10thA|------------| fret on the 5th, 10th. 15th and 18thE|------------| repetiton.
1st Verse Part 1 (SKa bit)
E|--8--3--5--1--|B|--8--3--5--1--|G|--9--4--6--2--| Repeat twiceD|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
(The first time I saw you, you were selling hot dogs and stealing your mums VCR...) 1st Verse Part 2 AND Chorus (a oh! a oh! a oh!)
E|--------------|B|--------------|G|--5-----------|D|--5--5--7--3--| Repeat 4 timesA|--3--5--7--3--|E|-----3--5--1--|
(I remember you hitting your girlfriend, once or twice when she got in your face...) 2nd Verse Part 1, Solo
(The last time I saw you you worked at the lake...) 2nd Verse Part 2 and Chorus
E|--------------|B|--------------|G|--5-----------|D|--5--5--7--3--| Repeat 4 timesA|--3--5--7--3--|E|-----3--5--1--|
Solo over chorus
The last six notes are very faint so listen hard! Intro again
E|------------|B|------------|G|--9--7------|D|--------10--| Repeat 15 times, holding the 10thA|------------| fret on the 5th, 10th. 15th then:E|------------|
E|------|B|------|G|--9---|D|--10--| Hold thisA|------|E|------|
(Howdy stranger how ya been!?) Palm mute the first three chords. Random little lick
Verse 2
E|--------------|B|--------------|G|--5-----------|D|--5--5--7--3--| Repeat 8 times, do the first two palm muted.A|--3--5--7--3--|E|-----3--5--1--|
All the way from (The last time I saw you, we split a pitcher or two... all the way to... its get harder!) Outro
E|-------------------------|B|-------------------------| There is some picking. Easy wayG|--5>>--------------------| is to just pick the power chords,D|--5>>--5>>>--7>>>--3>>>--| but if you expand the power chordA|--3>>--5>>>--7>>>--3>>>--| into a bar chord you could get a nicerE|-------3>>>--5>>>--1>>>--| melody.
E|-------------------------->>B|-------------------------->> And your done!G|--10--9--7--5>>>>>>>>>>>-->>D|--10--9--7--5>>>>>>>>>>>-->>A|--8---7--5--3>>>>>>>>>>>-->>E|-------------------------->>
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