The Fall Of Troy - Fcpremix chords version 2


e-----------------------|------------|B-----------------------|----12------|G--12---9---7---5-------|----12------|D--10---7---5---3-------|----12------|A--12---8---7---5-------|---(That in between part: you can just strum this)---|E-----------------------|------------|
(Listen to song for the most comfortable rhythm for strumming) Chorus:
AmI don't want to see the day
EmMy words cannot make it safe
FHer heart in my hands
C GIt's too bad, No Regrets
AmI don't want to see the day
EmHer tears are falling on my grave
FThis is my one chance
C GTo take back, No regrets
Repeat this until you're done with the song :)
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