The Features - Now You Know chords

Chords used___________ Am C F C/E|-5-| |-8-| |-8-| |-0-||-5-| |-8-| |-10-| |-0-||-5-| |-9-| |-10-| |-9-||-7-| |-10-| |-10-| |-10-||-7-| |-10-| |-8-| |-10-||-5-| |-8-| |-X-| |-0-|
Intro - C (fingerpicked)
Am C Am CI had a box, and lack of nerve
etc throughout verse then chorus is
F CWell you should know the way I feel,
F CSo everything will be revealed,
F CWhen nothing's left to be exposed,
Am CI love you girl, and now you know
Woo hoo hoo bits are F, Am, C, Am then that outro chord is C/E (as above) peace out x
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