The Felice Brothers – The Devil Is Real tab

This is "The Devil Is Real" by the Felice Brothers
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Gadd4: 335533

            G           Gadd4     G       Gadd4
Pharaoh, my Pharaoh, me Bonnie is dead
            Em             C             D
She’s in my Camaro, with a tear in her dress
                  G             Gadd4          G       Gadd4
Last night at the drive-in, she kicked off her heels
                       C            D        G
And said, “Boy, let me know if the devil is real.”


Bonnie, the birthmark at the base of your ass (eyes?)
Is shaped like the gallows and the shadow it casts
But Pharaoh, that shadow is shaped like a cross
Swing, Bonnie, swing till you swing us across

Queens Bridge, oh Queens Bridge, rusty Queens Borough
You’d be our passage to the wide open world
And we’ve come a-driving with a song in our throats
Howling our way into the greatest of shows

Pharaoh, my Pharaoh, the devil is real
He’s in my Camaro with his teeth on the wheel
And mile on mile, field after field,
Skyline and silo, and the devil is real

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