The Felice Brothers - Rockefeller Druglaw Blues tab

This is "Rockefeller Druglaw Blues" by the Felice Brothers
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On the three Rockefellers in the chorus, play a different chord each time (D, then A, the F#m)

A                     E
The exhaust from the prison vanís going to heaven
D                 A     
But Iím going to Attica
Gonna put a hundred miles
Between me and my dealing habit

Iím watching Poughkeepsie move by
In the afternoon rain
My hands are turning blue 
From these cuffs they got me in

(F#m A)

A          E
I tried to keep my job
D              A
At the dollar store
Found out my mama was sick and
A dollar wasnít enough anymore

I promise you mama,
Iím gonna get you them pills
I got me a box of bags
And a bakerís scale

F#m         A 
15 grams of heroin
F#m          A
An ounce of speed
D   E        A
15 years to life
D, A, F#m
Rockefeller x3
D                  A
Thatís a long old time

My brother was shot down on Warren St
A year ago tonight
Canít you see the medics with his body
In the siren light

I promise you, brother, 
Iíma be a good dad
Iíma give our children something
Like we never had


Twenty boys in orange clothes
In the jailhouse yard
Twenty needle marks
On the arms of God

500 picketers this morning
On the governorís lawn
50 white stars, my darling,
In the milky dawn

What fun.
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