The Felice Brothers – Trouble Been Hard tab

Left handed
This is "Trouble Been Hard" by the Felice Brothers
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The Bb in the verse, by the way, is semi-imaginary. It's not really clear on the 
but it's implied, and sounds nice, so you can play it or not. It's in parentheses for precisely 

F                 C
Young girl upon a sidewalk
C            (Bb)              F
Silver cross upon her silver chain
She was born and raised in Coney Island
But she’ll never make it back that way again

Young boy upon a highway
Walk a mile to work a double shift
On all that long and lonely skyway
There’s a heavy fog that might never lift

Chorus (x2)
Bb           F
Trouble been hard
           C             Bb          F
Although I know that in that I ain’t alone

Young mom upon a bus seat
One child pullin’ on her dress
Another softly asking to be held
Oh, heaven knows, I need so much less

Chorus (x2)

Solo: Verse Chords

Criminals by the river
Says one to one, “Be still,
Did you see that figure on the levee?
And if the law don’t find us, Lord, the devil will.”

Chorus x2

Ain't in the truth
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