The Felice Brothers – Ballad Of Lou Welterweight tab

From the Album "Tonight at the Arizona"

It starts with the Ref.

C           Em         F               C
Powder your nose, pull off your pantyhose,
       Em              F          C    G
let me love you from behind, my darling.
C           Em         F               C
Powder your nose, pull on your pantyhose,
            Em         F         C     G
we´re going down to my bout, my darling.  at the end C

    C                  Em
Before the bell would ring
            F               C
  he had a way like Errol Flynn,
           Em             F          C     G
  as he sauntered to the ring with a sheet on.
         C                     Em
But the late rounds scared the girl,
          F                             C
  heaven knows she thought the world of Lou,
          Em              F             C    G
  it was hard to see him swaying in the neon.
 C             Em
Joey was a no-one,
             F                 C
  just some big dumb kid from Flushing.
           Em               F            C     G
  He had a face like a ugly bull, always pouting.
       C             Em
He hit Louie kind of low
         F               C
  and he stumbled on the ropes
         Em                  F        C   G
  as the bookies blocked the rows, shouting.


    C                   Em
The blows were hard and loud,
          F                C
  he could hardly hear the crowd
         Em                   F                C      G
  in the bleachers where they howled, the were cheering.
    C             Em
I remenber in the eight,
         F                   C
  it was clear that Lou was fading,
       Em                  F          C     G
  when somthing caught his eye by the ceiling.
   C              Em
He saw her as she spoke
              F             C
  thought the shifty yelliw smoke,
            Em             F            C    G
  she said: Louie you look bad, are you dying?
    C                Em
But Louie could not answer,
      F                        C
  his eyes were cast up to the rafters,
           Em          F      C    G
  and they slowly sealed in silence.

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