The Field Mice - So Said Kay chords

Just 3 repeating chords:

C Em7 Am (holds on the Am)

C Em7 Where'd you learn to kiss that way
AmI don't know from where that came
..C repeatsI wanna talk about it no more
Kay, you've got to let it go I can not leave you alone Honestly, I can not... What d'you think you are doing? What do you think you're doing? Waiting, waiting for you I want you to dress and go No, you don't mind, do you? Don't... I wouldn't know what to do A hand touches a cheek A robe is taken off Wet kisses in the morning Of never seeing you again I am scared to death I am a-scared to death Come with me, oh I can just Picture me with your (self?) Send me a postcard, bring me (down?) Ride with me to the next station I wanna spend Another half hour with you She reached down and placed a string of lights around this heart of mine(So said Kay)
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