The Fighting Hukills - Velvet Blues chords

Yet another easy and fun song from the fighting hukills.  Iím not sure what these chords 
but I will tab them out.  The chords are in this order through the whole song just with 
picking and strumming patterns, not too hard to figure out.

Velvet Blues The Fighting Hukills
D B CYou got bells on your fingers
D B CAnd a bluebird in your eye
D B CWhoa how you make those
D B C DGood boys cry
With an acid washed smile And a velvet sleeve Youíre dropping lies Like flies in the cream Ainít it just like... Velvet blues, I donít know what to do With velvet blues I never knew youíd be so cool You got a quadrophonic sound And coca cola eyes Wax candle shins And crisco flavored thighs Stained glass shoe shine And altercations in your mind Your sleeping in the seaweed Cracking crab apple pie Velvet blues, I donít know what to do With velvet blues Oh howo oh uuuhhhh.... AGAIN, YOU CAN MOST LIKELY FIGURE OUT THE CHANGES PRETTY EASILY.
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