The Films - Something Familiar chords

Artist: The Films
Song: somethng familiar
Album: Oh, Scorpio

picking pattern for the verse:
F Dm e|-------1-----------1-----|-------1-----------1-----|B|-----1---1-------1---1---|-----3---3-------3---3---|G|---2-------2---2-------2-|---2-------2---2-------2-|D|-------------------------|-0-----------0-----------|A|-------------------------|-------------------------|E|-1-----------1-----------|-------------------------|
Am C|-------0-----------0-----|-------0-----------0-----||-----1---1-------1---1---|-----1---1-------1---1---||---2-------2---2-------2-|---0-------0---0-------0-||-------------------------|-------------------------||-0-----------0-----------|-3-----------3-----------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
F DmSpent the day round old friens on a
Am Cweekend, drinks and sun
F DmExcess, different sexes, talking
Am Cex's, harmless fun
Bb C F DmPainfully aware of all the thickness in the air
Bb C F F7it's hard to change with everything thats new
Bb C F Dmwe've never been alone, but if you'd like I'll drive you home
Bb C F take care of me and I'll take care of you
F DmTold you bout a secret
Am CI believed you'd never know
F Dmsteady hot and ready lick your
Am Clips K, here we go
Bb C F DmReady get set start come over here and break my heart
Bb C F F7So I can feel something I've felt before
Bb C F DmYou've tasted all the rest but what's familiar's always best
Bb C F F7Something you've lost but have been looking for
Bb C F DmReady get set start come over here and break my heart
Bb C F F7I don't think that I need anything more
Bb C F DmHanging just above like some old picture that I love
Bb C Bb Something I lost but have been looking for
C Bbhave been looking for
C Fhave been looking for
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