The Filthy Youth – Boy Dont Smoke tab

The very first tab on UG for THE (wonderfully) FILTHY YOUTH...

If you've seen Gossip Girl, you have probably fallen in love with Ed Westwick (Chuck 
Well, this is his band. (I'm more of a Nate girl but whatever...)

This isn't quite in the right key but if you adjust the capo to your liking this should 
It's not all of it but it should mostly be OK... It's the main riff. Very simple.

Also, if someone can be bothered to work out the fast solo part of the riff, that would 
great, this is my first tab you see and I can't do it!!


Listen to the track to get this right :)

d u d u d u d ududue|-6-6--6-6--5-5--3-33333)B|-6-6--6-6--5-5--3-33333)G|-7-7--7-7--6-6--4-44444) x1D|-8-8--8-8--7-7--5-55555)A|-8-8--8-8--7-7--5-55555)E|-6-6--6-6--5-5--3-33333)
d u d u d ududue|-6-6--5-5--3-33333)B|-6-6--5-5--3-33333)G|-7-7--6-6--4-44444) x6D|-8-8--7-7--5-55555)A|-8-8--7-7--5-55555)E|-6-6--5-5--3-33333)
then :
e|-9-- )B|-9-- )G|-10- )Listen to this bit too. Its the high pitched bitD|-11- )before the fast finger-picked bit... :sA|-11- )G|-9-- )
These are the basic chords and if you listen to the song it make a lot more sense. This an awesome song!!
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