The Fire Theft – Waste Time chords

The Fire Theft - Waste Time


F5 A5Don't wanna waste time, is it a matter of mind?
F5 C A5Don't wanna lose control, I've gotta say, "Goodbye, my love"
F5 A5We just couldn't get it right, it was a matter of time, oh
F5All I wanted was to stay there in your arms
CBut when the door opened I had to say, "Goodbye, goodbye"
Am7And I knew that it was not our fate
A5But I waited all those years to hear you say
F5 G"I always loved you, only you, only you"
F5 C-FBut I knew that it was just too late, my Juliet no
F-Bb Though I still have dreams of you and I together again
C-FI can't afford to lie, I have to say, "Goodbye, goodbye"
F-Bb C-FWe didn't know the future but we did what was right
F-Bb C-F x3 to fade
C-F = this repeated C F |------------------------||--5----5---5-6-5-6---5--||--5----5---5-5-5-5---5--||--5----5---5-3-3-3---3--||--3----3---3-3-3-3---3--||------------------------|
F-Bb = this repeated F Bb|-------------------------------||--10----10---10-11-10-11---10--||--10----10---10-10-10-10---10--||--10----10---10--8--8--8----8--||---8-----8----8--8--8--8----8--||-------------------------------|
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