The Flaming Tsunamis - Zombies Vs Robots tab

The Flaming Tsunamis- Zombies vs. Robots

D A G A G A Bm G

  D                            A
I rise from the grave when the dead start to walk
      G                         A
And I grab zombie Dave and say "It's time to rock!"
   G                      A
We zombies are hungry and we're gonna stalk
    Bm                    G
The robots are coming our way
       D                 A
We attack in a pack with razor sharp teeth
       G                         A
And we bite and we hack but they don't taste like beef
G                   A
Oil thirsty zombies won't taste defeat
  Bm                     G
Because we're forever at war.

A                                                   A7
Fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting we fight.
D            E            G                 D
No one knows why we'll be fighting until we die. (3x)
D            E            G
No one knows why we'll be fighting

   D                   A
We come from the year 2135
         G                       A
With our hard metal gear and our laser beam eyes
G                    A
Power cells flowing, zombies won't be knowing
      Bm                   G
We'll take them undead or alive
      D                        A
We'll blow off their faces and rip off their limbs
   G                     A
In only ten paces, their chance looks real slim
      G                  A
We're programmed to kill the zombies on sight
    Bm           G
And we don't ask why.


Interlude chords: Bm (Bsus4) G (Gmaj7) (Dmaj13/G)
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. In our top story tonight, the Zombies-Robot Wars
another eleven victims in an unfortunate accident, involving a piano and a crane. Much
and oil were spilled. The several robots were sent to a mechanic, and dismembered 
had returned to the grave to recuperate. The war started over 3000 years ago, The cause of
is still unknown.

Our prayers go out to the undead.(Burp.)

End on:
We'll be fighting! and fighting! and fighting! and fighting! and fighting!
'Til we die.
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