The Flatlanders - Bhagavan Decreed chords

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"Bhagavan Decreed" chords off of the amazing More A Legend Than A Band album.  
Listen to the song for precise timing during chord changes.  
Barring the chords (or putting a capo on the third fret and working from there) 
works excellent as well.

G C GBrains cannot defeat me when I'm stoned little darling
G A7 D7Sticks and stones can beat you out of time
G C GAnd I'm standing on the brink of a bridge that's black at sunrise
G A7 GI don't think I'll be home in time to dine
C GEach plant has a root that's dipped in blood
C A7 D7So later on we'll all find out we're just nameless mud
G C GAnd I'm sayin' good bye to those old-time demons darling
G A7 GLeave at your own risk, not mine
[repeat the pattern throughout the remainder of the song] Why can't you make it to the place you're always going to Could it be you're going to all the time Well I might be traveling backwards when I wake up tomorrow If you must go won't you please leave me a dime The earth turns on as Bhagavan decreed So later on we'll see ourselves and all be free But sayin' goodbye to you is suicidal darling Don't hang your mind up just where I hang mine Life is a quarry you can dig all you want too Rockin' jumpin' ball go up or down And you can burn your brain cells out just trying to get higher But you'll find the highest place is underground They've got you like the moon has got the tide You say your drifting babe you're going for a ride You say one day soon we will all stand as brothers
G A7 G C GTill then I guess we'll just stand around
Enjoy! This is one of my first attempts at this, comments are definitely welcome. I really enjoy the lyrics in this song; they may be off a tad bit as they aren't plastered all over lyric sites.
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