The Flatliners - Meanwhile In Hell chords version 1

This tab is a version played by the Flats on Balcony Tv.  It transfers over to 
electric easily but I will let you figure that one out.

INTRO -- G - Em - C then the second time through in add an Em at the end, played like this G Em C G Em C Eme-333 333 3-333 then again w/ Em e-333 333 3-000b-333 333 3-333 b-333 333 3-000g-000 000 0-000 g-000 000 0-000d-000 222 2-222 d-000 222 2-222a-222 222 3-333 a-222 222 3-222e-333 000 x-xxx e-333 000 x-000
This is not exact strumming paterns but listen to the song and you will get it. As well for the rest of the song, ENJOY!
GListen close with your ear to the ground
GAs El Diablo stirs, this place comes crashing down
GAnd through these evil ways, once renowned and straight outta hell...
C Em G Haven been replaced by human will
(now back to the intro riff for the chorus)
G - Em - C G - Em - CThere is a way out
G Em C G Em C EmWe see it! RIGHT!
Am Em C You and I wasting time
C AmPreaching to a choir that sees black and white
Em GYou and I treading water all the time
D Am CYour skin and bones are waiting
D Am Intro/Chorus G - Em - CFrom skin and bones to waste
(keep playing the intro/chorus riff for the last chorus)
G Em C G Em C Em We see it! Right!
G Em C (and so on)We see it rise and fall a thousand times!
We See it! Right! We drive all night, just to see it. OUTRO Am - Em - C - G
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