The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Heads And Tails Acoustic chords

Alle akkorderne i denne sang er barre, undtagen E-akkorden, som er åben.
Her er hvordan den går:


B AI want it all and all the other stuff and you.
G E BI wanna run up the hill and tumble down without any excuse.
AI know you feel the same – like nothing you're told is the truth.
G E BI'm not spending one more day working 9 to 5 – from today
I don't know how to lose. Mellemspil: B-A-G-E
B AMade up my mind, and I don't worry 'bout what's in your eyes.
G E BHeads and tails don't matter – either way I'll be right
B AI won’t go with the flow 'cause it's moving too slow.
G E But I've been chasing my tail from the moment you showed.
Mellemspil: B-A-G-E
B AI'm gonna leave this town no matter what it takes.
G E BI hear your silent shout, but I can see you're afraid.
B AI've been chasing you all across town.
G E BI see you playing dead, but I can hear your heart howl.
Spil introen igen: B-A-G-E
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