The Forecast - Losers chords

These chords do not correspond to the album version but sound nice when you sing along.

The Forecast

Intro: G Cadd9 D

G D Cadd9City lights are fading now
G Cadd9 DFrom where the good dropped out
G Cadd9 DOf our little town.
G D Cadd9So let the dust roll out
G Cadd9 DI'll see you around.
G D Cadd9 DLet's meet up and we’ll have a round
G D Cadd9 DI promise we can put a couple down
G D Cadd9 DAnd when we’re done we’ll head across town
G D Cadd9 GWhere our friends are being losers hanging out.
Great song and great band; totally owns Justin Bieber.
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