The Forecast - Losers chords

this sounds pretty close to me i know some parts may differ slightly also there 
are lead parts that i didn't tab.

Chords* (please note i don't know the proper names to all these chords do i'll 
just call them by their root note)

C- x32013
F- xx3213
A- x02213
D- xx0213

intro: C


Ccity lights are fading...
F A DGood dropped out of our little
Ctown so let the
F A D Fdust roll out i'll sit around
F A D F We can meet up at Rodel's and have a round
F A D FI promise we can put a couple down
F A D Fand when were bored we can head across town
A D Cwhere our friends will be at losers hanging out
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