The Frank And Walters - The World Carries On tab

e ----3----------3--------------------|B ------6-5-6------6-5/6-------6-5----|G --5---------5----------7-5-7-----7--| x2D ------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------|
C There's a place that I go F There's a tree a swan and I know C That the darkest they surround him F Since they took his wife and children C And my friends were there in the old days F Ah but now theyve gone their own way G And the swan waits for his child-ren Chorus C (And) the world carries on Em Am And the visitors come with their bags F And their colourful rags C Em And the only thing that will remain Am F Is a big tree and a lone swan C Em When we finally give in Am F Hope we meet in heaven Bridge C In lazy days Am In summer haze F G We'd laugh beneath that big tree's gaze C Am And having made up all the tunes F G We'd climple fridle tidal vroom C The tree stands watching always F While the swan he thinks of old days C He'll never join a new crowd F 'cause loyal and strong and too proud G As he waits there for his chil-dren Chorus, Bridge, Chorus Outro: C* Am Lah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah F C (x2) Buh-oh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah C*=C barred on third fret
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