The Fratellis – Sometimes You Just Cant Win chords

Sometimes you just cant win

Intro ----           C- F   C-G-F-C

CI wont take your pity
FI wont be ignored
C GI dont want your money.
F CBut I wouldnt mind to be adored
CI wont be forgotten
FI wont be denied
C GI wont be held guilty
F C For anything I mightve tried
G Theres no spooks around my door
FPayin my rent or sweepin my floor
Am I never said things I never did mean
EOnce or twice Ive lied
FAlways been kind to women
C FWho have taken me in
C G F CSometimes youre a loser, sometimes you just cant win
I cant live forever I cant be blamed for trying I can beg forgiveness Just because you wont find me cryin I wont want you thinkin Im a gutless man Street fights they dont scare me I avoid them when I can Theres no doubt about it Its a pointless age filled with men among rage Its hard to be a saint when you steal the best lines Someone else implied Ive never been one to talk much Ive just lived in my skin Sometimes youre a sinner, Sometimes you just cant win I wont be a hound dog I wont be a bust I cant compensate you For anything you mightve lost I wont understand you Whats to understand You joined last nights choir And me I joined the band And theres no reason just cold hard facts Nothings ever real and the truth just cracks I dont want this cause I got mine and jealousys not my style Someday Ill get bored and contemplate givin in Sometimes youre a loser and sometimes you just cant win Not 100% on the lyrics. Enjoy!
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