The Fray - Absolute tab version 1

The Fray 
The Fray -- 2009

Capo 2

Standard Tuning (E A D G B e)

Intro/Verse 1e|--9-----9-----9----8-----8-----8----4-----4-----4----4-----4-----4----|B|-------------------------------------------------------4-----4-----4--|G|----6-----6-----6----6-----6-----6----4-----4-----4------6-----6------|D|------8-----8-----------8-----8---------6-----6-----------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 Iíve seen this one before, the girl she gets away Everybody knows it but no one tries to stop it Cause she barely even knows him but if she could see inside Everything is quiet as she waits to tell him who she is
Pre-Chorus Is this all we get? To be ab--solutee|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|--3------------6------3-----------6------|D|--3--4---------6---6--3----4------6---6--|A|--1--4---------4---6--1----4------4---6--|E|-----2-------------4-------2----------4--|
Riff Is this all we get? To be ab--solutee|-----------------------------------------|B|---------------9-------------------------|G|--6/11-------------5/-6/--11------12--5--|D|-----------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Chorus F#5 C#5 A#5 G#5 Quiet but Iím sure there is something here F#5 C#5 A#5 G#5 Tell me everything cause I want to hear
Verse 2e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|[4x]D|--4-4-4-4/11-11-11-11\8-8-8-8\6-6-6-6--|A|--4-4-4-4/11-11-11-11\8-8-8-8\6-6-6-6--|E|--2-2-2-2/-9--9--9--9\6-6-6-6\4-4-4-4--|
Itís a kiss sits upon on her lips that waits for planes and battle ships She wants to be a dancer and he has got a picture On his wall and itís a sailor in a new port every night Yet man was born to trouble like sparks fly upwards innocent Pre-Chorus Chorus - 2x
Bridge F#5 A#5 All we are and all we want F#5 G#5 40 years come and gone F#5 A#5 All we are in photographs F#5 G#5 Will never be taken Post-Bridge C#5 Quiet but Iím sure there is something her Tell me everything cause I want you here Chorus - 2x Outro - Same as Chorus Absolute (There is something here) Absolute (There is something here) Absolute
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