The Fray - Ungodly Hour chords

Ungodly Hour - The Fray
In Original Key Eb
Ear-Transcribed by tobijeh

Eb	Cm	Cm/A	Bb	Eb5/G	Ab	Eb	Ebsus

Verse 1
Eb Cm Cm/A BbDon't talk, don't say a thing
Gm6 Ab Eb Ebsus'Cause your eyes, they tell me more than your words
Eb Cm Cm/A BbDon't go, don't leave me now
Gm6 Ab Eb Ab 'Cause they say the best way out is through
Cm Ab EbAnd I am short on words
Bb CmKnowing what's occurred
Cm Ab Eb BbShe begins to leave because of me
Eb Eb/D AbHer bag is now much heavier
Eb Eb/D AbI wish that I could carry her
Eb Eb/D AbBut this is our ungodly hour
Interlude: Eb Cm Cm/A Bb Eb5/G Ab Eb Ab Eb Ab Fm Bb Eb Verse 2 I know you're leaving now 'Cause I held on to my way tightly Stay still until you know Tomorrow finds the best way out is through
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