The Fray - Vienna tab version 2

This is a cover version transposed from piano.

Standard tuning   capo 1st fret

intro/Chorus Pt1

e----------------------------------| 1st two times are quiet the last twoB------3--------3--------3-3-5-3-2-| have a little more heaviness to itG-2----2--2-----2--2-----2-2-2-2-2-| 4xD---4--4----2---2----0---0-2---2---|A---------0---0----2---2-----------|E-3---3----------------------------|
e-2--2--0--0--3--3--2--2-0- ------------------------|B--3--3--3--3--3--3--3----- -3---3-5-3-2-3--3-5-3-2-|G-------------------------- -2-2---------2-2--------|D-0----------2------------- -0-----------0----------| 2XA------0------------------- ------------------------|E------------------3------- -3-----------3----------|
e-----------| -----------| ----|B--3-3--3-3-| --3-3--3-3-| -3--|G--0-0--0-0-| --2-2--2-2-| -2--|D-----------| 2X -----------| 2X -2--|A-----------| -2-----2---| -0--|E-0---0-----| -----------| ----|
Chorus Pt 1 (same as the intro) Chorus Pt 2
Bridge Uses these chords B D B [x2023x] Maybe in five or ten yours and mine will meet again A [x0223x] E G A D [xx0230] Straighten this whole thing out E [022030] G [3x423x] The order B D E G A 2x Pre-chorus (kind of a strumming pattern) Chorus Pre-chorus My 1st tab please comment and help me do a little better next tab
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