The Fray - Over My Head Cable Car tab

Hey this song uses weird chord formations so i just capo it on 1, but you dont have to.
also put sidenotes on what to do if you do capo it.  since there are no open strings in
chords i just bar a couple of them, like the Eb, and just play the barred string 6 
of muting it, but dont bar the Dbmaj9 cause it sounds stupid if you do.

Over My Head (Cable Car)
The Fray
(Capo 1, chords not relative to capo)

Dbmaj7 – Fm7 – Absus
Dbmaj9 – Fm7 – Ab – Dbmaj9
Fm7 – Absus – Bbm – Ab – Eb

Dbmaj7 – Fm7 – Absus – Fm7
Dbmaj9 – Ab – Fm7 – Eb
Dbmaj7 – Fm7 – Absus – Fm7
Bbm – Ab – Fm7 – Eb – Dmaj9

Fm7 – Absus – Dbmaj7
Fm7 – Absus

(Chord formations not relative to capo; FR1=open to capo)

Dbmaj7:	X43111	[open with capo]
Fm7:	131111	[open with capo]
Absus:	466644	[BAR]
Dbmaj9:	X4354X
Ab:	466544	[BAR]
Bbm:	X13321	[open with capo]
Eb:	X65343	[BAR]
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