The Friday Night Boys - Molly Makeout chords

Tabbed by: Destiny :)
NOTE: Okay so, this is the 2nd time I've tabbed a song, and it sounds pretty
darn close to the original but I did this by ear so it's not the real 
chords. Just how I play it :P but try it out :) & I'm not sure of all the 
chord NAMES but whatever, the tabs are right lol. Enjoy! It doesn't sound 
like crap I promise, haha.


INTRO - Guitar 1

e|-9------7-----5---------|B|--10-----9-----7----3---|G|----9-----9-----7----2--| Repeat x5D|----------------------2-|A|------O-----O-----O-----|E|------------------------|
INTRO/1ST VERSE - Guitar 2 (I'm giving the chords, just figure out the timing to play them :) they ARE in order.) Start playing the 2nd time Guitar 1 repeats itself. Stop after "Molly Makeout satisfaction"
A D Bm De|---| e|---| e|---| e|---|B|---| B|-3-| B|---| B|-3-|G|-2-| G|-2-| G|-4-| G|-2-| D|-2-| D|---| D|-4-| D|---|A|---| A|---| A|-2-| A|---|E|---| E|---| E|---| E|---|
PRECHORUS Start playing at "Easy to please" Then, obviously, stop at the chorus lol
Em F De|---| e|---| e|---| B|---| B|---| B|-3-| <-- Palm mute D before chorus (:G|---| G|---| G|-2-| D|-2-| D|-4-| D|---| A|-2-| A|-4-| A|---| E|---| E|-2-| E|---|
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHORUS
A D Bm DMolly Molly Makeout (Molly Molly Makeout), Any time, Any guy, woah-oh
F Em Bm DJust watch your back, you won't know what to do, Molly might makeout with you
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REPEAT INTRO & VERSE 1 (It's the same as Verse 2) PRECHORUS 2 Play: Em, F, D <-- x2 REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO Play: F, Em, Bm, Em, F
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