The Friday Night Boys – The First Time Natalies Song tab

        The First Time (Natalie's Song) - The Friday Night Boys
Tabbed by: Taylor

Tuning: I'm not 100% on this, but I believe it's Half a step flat, so
        Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb

As far as my humble ears can tell, it's all just four chords:
    G: 320033
  Em7: x22033
Cadd9: x32033
    D: xx0232 

Intro / Verse

eb|-----------------------| Bb|--------------------3--| Gb|--0-----0-----0----2-2-| Db|---0---2-2-----0--0----|Ab|------3---3------------|Eb|-3-----------3---------| x2
eb|-----------------------| Note that this is just the first half of theBb|-----------------------| previous section.Gb|--0-----0--------------|Db|---0---2-2-------------|Ab|------3---3------------|Eb|-3---------------------|
Prechorus: Em7 G D Chorus: Em7 Cadd9 G D Bridge: Cadd9 G Em7 D As written, it goes like.. Verse Prechorus Chorus Verse Prechorus Chorus Bridge Chorus till the end So asides from the simple appregios, this song's all strum and such. Simple, no ?
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