The Frustrators - I Slept With Terry tab version 2

Band: The Frustrators
Song: I Slept With Terry
Album: Bored in the USA EP (2000)
Tuning: Standard E A D G B E

Well, that's a quiet easy Song to play on the guitar and one of the best song
of The Frustrators. The Song is made up of basically three chords: A, D & E...

Chords - You can play the song with regular chords or use powerchords... | A D E | A D E |e|---0----2----0---|-----------------|B|---2----3----0---|-----------------|G|---2----2----1---|--------7----9---|D|---2----0----2---|---7----7----9---|A|---0---------2---|---7----5----7---|E|-------------0---|---5-------------|
Intro - Just play a fuckin' A... | A Ae|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|--7777777777777777-7777777777777777-------------------|A|--7777777777777777-7777777777777777-------------------|E|--5555555555555555-5555555555555555-------------------|
Verse / Chorus | A A D e|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------7777777777777777--|D|--7777777777777777-7777777777777777-7777777777777777--|A|--7777777777777777-7777777777777777-5555555555555555--|E|--5555555555555555-5555555555555555-------------------|
| A Ee|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------9999999999999999-------------------|D|--7777777777777777-9999999999999999-------------------|A|--7777777777777777-7777777777777777-------------------|E|--5555555555555555------------------------------------|
Aditional Shit... Slide befor #2 Chrorus Outro | #1.Slide OR #2.Slide | Just hammer on your strings... e|------------------------|-----------------------------|B|------------------------|-----------------------------|G|------------------------|-----------------------------|D|--3/777...---11/777...--|---7-77777777/0--------------|A|--3/777...---11/777...--|---7-77777777/0--------------|E|--1/555...----9/555...--|---5-55555555/0--------------|
Solo I still couldn't figure the solo out so I still gonna try to figure it out or just gonna ask Terry in person. But you just cann also play just the Verse/Chorus during the solo... It's kinda the same... Order: Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Solo - Chorus - Outro That's it! Well, there's a solo too but I don't have it yet so I gonna try to figure it out and let ya' know. And after the second Verse during the litle break ("But from the smell of his skin, he'd been drinking all day") just do a 'lil slide before you start the chorus. And at the end just hammer on your string and slide out... And that's it! Congratulations! If you have any questions are just wanna talk about some shit send me a mail: My Name Is Joko - PS: Yeah.. I slept with Terry too...
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