The Gaslight Anthem – Were Getting A Divorce You Keep The Diner chords

Em We were the magnificent dreamers.
Em In secret lamplight hideouts.
Em We swore the world couldn't break us,
Em Even when the world took us down.
Em CSo here I am struggling out in the mighty jungle,
G DMoving eighteen miles a minute, not slowing down for nothing.
Em CI look to my left and I look to my right,
GAnd I'm callin' out for my brothers
DBut it's so dark in this night, am I alone?
Em Did they fall down by the wayside?
Em Was I moving too blind to see them?
Em Were they calling out to me?
Em Or did Despair set in?
Em CWere the things that we wanted when we were still sixteen,
G DOnly passing and fleeting, or just too far out of reach?
Em CWere you hard up or broken man, I woulda helped you out...
G DWere you numb and distracted when I was calling out?
DI was calling out...
G DOn a Sunday morning the whole crowd assembled,
EmI've done some things that I'm not too proud of...
G DI've never left you, a deaf ear for longing.
C GSome hearts are gallows, I'm not here for hangin' around.
G It's all right, man.
D I'm only bleeding, man.
EmStay hungry, stay free,
EmAnd do the best you can.
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