The Gaslight Anthem – Orphans chords

Hi! This is my first tab, I hope I did it well and I'am Spanish too, so please forgive
my spelling mistakes.
 I saw a video on youtube of a concert os this song and I think the cords are wright, I
had a doubt with the tune, I think they are one tone down (2 half step down or whatever)
but I did it with the normal tone EADGBE. And also say that I didn't know how to explain 
the bridge, It's kind of mutting? (I'm sure it is not the word but probably you
understood me If you know the song)
Here it goes. This group is reeaally good.
Althought the chords are fifths, Brian, as I could see in the video play it like a
normal chord, I mean, Down Up Down ... strokes.

Intro:---------------------------------------|--------5---5h8-----5---5-8-8br5-------|----5h7---7-----5h7---7----------------| (x8)---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|
A5Goodbye circus wheel
F5May you rest along the sea
C5I have given you the fire of my youth
G5And the triumph o're my enemies
A5 F5Goodbye fair weather home, and your faithless factories
C5I have given you the blood and the truth
G5from the wounds they laid onto me
A5 G5 F5And whatever they left, well, I kept it for my own heart
C5And the lonesome all understand
G5With the choirs in my head
A5And we were orphans before
F5We were ever the sons of regret
My baby
C5And on and on and on
G5the alphabet boys carry on
A5We were orphans before
F5 C5We were ever the sons of these songs Hey!
A5And now my lights, they never go down
F5they waltz the moon and stars for me now
C5So you can find some local libertine
G5to take your daughters out on the town
A5And I can feel it in my aging bones
F5How the sound of the rain mixes up
C5 G5into the fountains where I drank my hero's blood
G5 F5So I left you to find my very own hat full of rain
Chorus Now I'm trying to keep it straight | BRIDGE Learning all the streets and the alleyways |I dont know how to explain And learning where they lead |In the video you can see it Now that I'm left alone here to drive |well But it's so hard to stand on your own |Mute your strings Against mirror of glass, hard and cold | But the clothes I wore | Just don't fit my soul anymore |
A5No the clothes I wore
G5 F5Just don't fit my soul anymore
C5When we were young
G5We were diamond Sinatras
A5 F5Like something I saw in a dream
C5We kept our secrets in rooms
G5locked up tight like a tomb
A5 F5 C5Where the ballerinas lay
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