The Gaslight Anthem – Our Fathers Sons chords ver. 2

Third track from their new EP: "iTunes Sessions". Whole step down (DGCFAD)

Intro: (Palm-Muted)D|-------------------|A|-------------------|F|-------------------|C|------0---2---3----|G|---3---------------|D|-------------------|
[Walk-up] C, C/B, E, Am, F, G Verse 1:
CHelp me sing
C/B EAll you weary strangers raise your voice
AmIn this chain gang chorus in our younger days
My brothers, we were naive sailors
F GStorms we'd all endure
C C/B EOh the road, oh you who sing her praises, are dust and bones
AmThe places that she takes us, the choice is ours
FWe wanted much more than our fathers
GWhile our mothers said their prayers
C C/BNow moving on up, to the east side
EWe finally got a piece of the pie
Of the pie Verse 2:
CBaby doll
C/B EAll you women of the travellers, your empty arms
AmYour patient hearts in waiting, bless your heart
And your never ending patience
F GI could not go on without you
CWe're all the same
C/B EAll blue and bright white collars, we're all the same
AmOur troubles and our sorrows and underneath
Blood and bone and mixture
F GThough we dance to different songs
Bridge: (Not too sure about this part, though they seem to sound good when played as octave chords)
C C/BAnd your momma's alright
AmAnd your daddy's alright
C C/BThey just seem a little bit weird
AmNo surrender,
C C/B EEvery man, every woman with a burden raise your hands
AmRaise'em up to the firmament, see those hands
Meet your brothers and your sisters, use your hands
F GWe are our father's sons
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