The Gay Blades – Bob Dylans 115th Nightmare Acoustic chords

My first tab, sounds good to me on the acoustic.

Simple chord progression. For the intro and before the verses walk down the low E string. 
Strum everything with a chunky freight train rhythm, listen to the song to get it.

Em> Well his eyes are blue and your eyes are blue
and you're the furthest thing from him, but if you
Cthink you're cool it's more likely true that your
D Em> friends wish you were dead. You can
Emmake them bow or you can push them out
cause you never really learned, how
Cto connect you can't comprehend how it's
D Em> x2gonna, it's gonna end!
CMake love til those chemicals wear off
Emtry your best to complicate it all
DFind love buried in the words of God
CAnd you know you found em cause you hit rock bottom and it's
D Em> x2 cool man, cause cool hands lose!
EmYou never captivate you just capitulate
and you follow all the trends, and if you
Cmake it out you know they'll figure out that you're
D Em> faking all of it
EmAnd you're waiting for some kind of irreverence,
you know the rebels ain't your friends, they can
Csee right through, you play it safe don't you and if your
D Em> x2 story never starts, how can it end?
C(strum once) Em(strum once)Love me, hate me, kill me, let me know
Well if it's bad it's bad and if I'm drunk I'm drunk but brunettes are in my blood, and you can
Clet me know if you'd be into it cause it's
D Em> spring and I'm in love. And now I'm
Emparalyzed by ficticious eyes
I know I'll never make them mine, well I
Cshould have guessed that I could make a mess like
D Em> x2nobody's business!
C(strum once) Em(strum once)Love me, hate me, kill me, let me know
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