The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger - Schrodingers Cat tab

Each of the first five chords corresponds to a single line of the verse. Just play 
it and listen to the song. Enjoy!


The past is a Pandoraís box And truth is just a paradox Like promising to never lie Let sleeping dogs and lovers lie You say your love is immortal Like the blood of a sea turtle But wasnít dear Dorian Gray alone As an asteroid in space CHORUS
A clock puts its hands round, The hour glassí waist.
Like a tree that falls alone, in the woods without a sound. Canít be sure that I exist, if you are not around. Verse 2 From Socrates to Aristotle Menís greatest thoughts and deeds Real love notes and cheaply bottles Floating out to sea We placed our bets about his fate Standing over SchrŲdingerís grave Pavlovís dog chased the cat His heart bled like a red Rorschach CHORUS: The clock puts its hands round, the hourglassí waist. Like a tree that falls alone in the woods without a sound. I canít be sure that I exist when you are not around.
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