The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger – Lavender Road chords

Lavender Road
The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

B EbmWhere does the time go?
C#m ADown Lavender Road
B EbmTurn left at the post
D GWhere memories grow
D GLike weeds in summer snow
D G5And firefly galaxies glow
BHere we go
F#m Pulling up the curtains on the magic show
E Em G#m GHeroes and ghosts sit in the front row
B F#m Curious ballerina bones and tight rope vertigo
E Em G#m GOpera glasses like telescopes
B EbmWhere does young love go?
C#m ADown Lavender Road
B EbmPebbles and planets know
D GHow there is no hope when
D GThat red wind blows and
D G5All our words go up in smoke
(Ch) Here we go...
B EbmAnd silence echoes
C#m ADown Lavender Road
B EbmWhere wine and teardrops flow
D GAnd rows of graveyards grow like
D GWhite Rabbit holes and
D G5Where they stop nobody knows
(Ch) Here we go...
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