The Glorious Unseen – Tonight The Stars Speak tab

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			     Tonight the Stars Speak - The Glorious Unseen
Tabbed by: marino13


This is a great song by a great band. I'm sure this is right but if you think it isn't 
me know. Hope you enjoy!

Intro x3 then played for versese|------0-------0----------0--|B|--------0-------0------0----|G|----------------------------|D|----6--------4-------2------|A|--4--------2-------0--------|E|----------------------------|
(Verse 1) C#m B A Tonight the stars speak of Your infinite love C#m B A And it serves to remind me C#m B A That what I have means nothing at all C#m B E Compared to your glory, Oh Lord (Chorus) E B C#m A How long till Your voice speaks clearly? E B C#m A How long till Your arms envelope me? E B C#m A I cry be my strength when I am weak E B C#m A Oh Lord have mercy on me please (Verse 2) My spirit is willing but my flesh is so weak I cry in Your arms now God grant me the strength to rest in You I lift my hands and cry Break: E B C#m A Order: Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Break (3x) Chrous
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