The Glorious Unseen - Heavy Hearted chords

I noticed this song didn't have the chords up on here so I decided to figure out 
the song and post them myself. It's not detailed, just the chords so you can get 
the hang of how it goes. Any corrections are more than welcome.

*Standard tuning

Chords used: 

E, A, F#m, D, Bm

Intro: E, A, F#m

Verse 1:

D E F#m D E F#m What is the meaning of grace when it speaks to my darkest place?
D E F#m D E F#mWhy do I always feel like I'm Your disgrace? I'm sick of saving face
D E D EAnd when I feel so heavy hearted, I know You're taking me back
A E D A E DAnd when You take me as I am, it's like the sunlight gracing the land
A E DAnd when I feel heavy hearted, please come and take my hand
A E DHeavy hearted again
Verse 2:
D E F#m D E F#mWhere is the message of hope when I'm sick and I'm all alone?
D E F#m D E F#mWhy do I listen to doubt, why do I shut You out? You're what I need the most.
D E D EAnd though I feel so heavy hearted, I know You're taking me back
(Chorus) Bridge:
D F#m A EIt's so crazy how You sustain me
D F#m A EWhen I am down in the dirt, You come and claim me
Bm A F#m E Father, Your burden is light, I need Your love tonight
D EI'm reaching out to You
(Chorus 2x) And end on D
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