The Go-gos - How Much More chords

Okay I am only doing the chords because I am sure it is easy enough to figure the 
notes and rhythm yourselves( plus I only know how to tab on paper i am old 
school).  I will do more GoGos because i know a 10 year old girl who wants me to 
teach her how to play.The chords are below the lyrics.  Except intro chotds

G Em G EmEvery night I see you walk
G Rm G EmWalking by, walking by
C DYou hold your head so close to hers
G Em G EmI could cry, yeah, I could cry
C DI want to be that girl tonite
GGirl tonite, girl tonite
Em C G Em G Em chorus How much more can I take
A CBefore I go crazy, oh yeah
G Em G EmHow much more heartache
A CBefore I go crazy, oh yeah
G Em G Em Love's in your eyes
G DMaking me cry
G DWhy isn't it me?
Em B CShe's looking good
G DJust like I would
G DIf it could be me
Em B C
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