The Go-gos – Head Over Heels chords


C7 F BbBeen running so long, I've nearly lost all track of time
F BbIn every direction,I couldn't see the warning sign
Eb BbI must be losin' it 'cause my mind plays tricks on me
F CIt looked so easy but you know looks sometimes deceive
F BbBeen running so fast right from the starting line
F BbNo more connections I don't need any more advice
Eb BbOne hand's just reaching out and one's just hangin' on
F CIt seems my weaknesses just keep going strong
F C GHead over heels where should I go
D FCan't stop myself I lose control
C GHead over heels No time to think
D FLooks like the whole world's out of sync
C7 F BbBeen running so hard when what I need is to unwind
F BbThe voice of reason is one I left so far behind
Eb BbI waited so long, so long to play this part
FAnd just remembered
CThat I'd forgotten about my heart (CHORUS)
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