The Good Life - The Beaten Path tab

The Good Life - The Beaten Path


You do, you do, ...
C  Em  Am

Na, na, ...
F  C  Dm G

F  C  Dm G  F

e------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|G---9--7--5------10--9-------10-9-7-12-10-9-7----| X 2D------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
on last F chord playe---------|b---------|G---/16---| hold and bend
C Em Am Yesterday came and went and I wasn't present Dm The weeks were laid out like pavement Work and drink and sleep, repeat C Em Am Upon the beaten path, I kept on my blinders Dm don't need any old reminders no face, no name, no memories Chorus: F C If you love it, you leave it Dm G 'cause you hate that, you need it F C It's one thing, you can't have Dm G you're too self absorbed to change F always, "My way, my way, my way,..." C Em Am Dm C Em Tomorrow could come and go Am and I'd sleep right through it Dm I'm not searching for self improvement I'm sticking to the beaten path Here and there I come across an old acquaintance some old flame, some old burn victim I remember I need to forget Chorus: Everything I ever said to you If I could take it back, I'd eat every word You want to feel like all those others feel, but you won't, and you never will All that you love you lose you do, you do, ....
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