The Good Life - Some Bullshit Escape chords

E Bm Called in sick for work,
A Dsaid the fevers getting worse. There's a lot of that going 'round
E Bm I packed a duffle bag
A DWith some clothes from the attic. It's getting colder in the evening
Bm G D A (x2)
E Bm I hocked my pocket watch
A DAnd a couple old guitars. I could hardly stand to play them
E Bm I drew all my savings out
A DClosed my bank account. Stuck the money in the glove box
Bm GI drove away on Monday
DI couldn't say where I was going to
AIt's just something I had to do
Bm GI was bored of it by Thursday
Ddriving aimlessly down aimless interstates
Asearching for queues
AmYeah for you
E Bm And I don't know where you are
A DI guess I haven't looked to hard, cause I'm afraid that I might find you
E Bm Is it special where you are?
A DLike Xanadu or Shangri-La? Is it anything like Omaha?
Bm GI called in sick on Monday
DI was already of the next couple of days
ASome bullshit escape
Bm GI was back to work on Thursday
Dyeah, The fevers gone I think I it beat
A (hold) A (hold)The fever bit me, yeah it bit me
A (hold) Am (hold)But I been sleeping and taking things
AI think I've got it beat...
Bm G D A (x2)
E Bm And I don't know where you are
A DI bet I'll never find you out. There's a lot of that going 'round
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