The Good Life - The Moon Red Handed chords

at the beginning, and in between verses, im not sure if its E or Em, 
but Em sounds better with the rest of the music... E sounds good if you're playing with the guitar only, though...
enjoy! F Em F Em F Em F Em
Amtell me, dear,
Em Eis there anything you'd like to hear?
Amone last song before we disappear?
Dm Esome broken hearted ballad
F built for two.
Em F Em
Am Em Eby the way, it seems my notebooks have been misplaced
Amthose scribbled poetries of yesterday
Dm Ethey've no more effect on me,
Dm Ethose dead feelings
Dm G Am Dmthe songs we donít sing are the hardest to hear.
G Am Dmwords left unsaid, words we wish we'd forget.
G Amthe guilt slips from our lips,
F Econfessions hidden behind eyelids.
F Em would you look me in the eye
Fand tell me
Em Fdoes the moon weep at dawn?
Em Fhis brilliance exposed
Emby a fierce and burning sun.
Dm G Am Dmthe songs we don't sing we don't want to hear.
G Am Dmwords left unsaid well, they're only words
G Amwe lick the guilt form our lips,
F Ewe make confessions from fertile hips
Dm G Am and never look them in the eye.
Dm G Am Dm G Am F E
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