The Good Life - Album Of The Year chords

The Good Life
Album of the Year

Standard Tuning

This is my first tab which I transcribed from an acoustic version. Sounds right 
to me, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Chords Am7 G/B F/C (you can substitute F if you'd like)e------0----------3--------x-----------------------------|B------1----------3--------1-----------------------------|G------0----------0--------2-----------------------------|D------2----------0--------3-----------------------------|A------0----------2--------3-----------------------------|E------x----------x--------x-----------------------------|
Am7* Intro (x4) before the D minor play this insteade--------0---0---0---0---0----------------|----------------|B--------1---1---1---1---1----------------|----------------|G--------0---0---0---0---0----------------|----------------|D--------2---2---2---2---2----------------|-----------0----|A----0-------0---0---0---0------2---0-----|-------2--------|E----------------------------3------------|----3-----------|
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)The first time that I met her I was throwing up in the ladies room stall
Dm G C G/B Am7She asked me if I needed anything I said I think I spilled my drink
G Am7*(x2)And that's how it started or so I'd like to believe
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)She took me to her mother's house outside of town where the stars hang down
Dm G C G/B Am7She said she'd never seen someone so lost, I said I'd never felt so found
G D Am7*(x2)and then I kissed her on the cheek and so she kissed me on the mouth whoa whoa whoa
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)The spring was popping daises up round rusted trunks and busted lawn chairs
Dm G C G/B Am7We moved into a studio in Council Bluffs to save a couple bucks
G Am7*(x2)Where the mice came out at night, neighbors were screaming all the time
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)We'd make love in the afternoons to Chelsea Girls and Bachelor Number 2
Dm G C G/B Am7I'd play for her some songs I wrote, she'd joke and say I'm shooting through the roof
G Am7*(x2)I'd say they're all for you dear I'll write the Album of the Year.
Dm GAnd I know she loved me then, I swear to God she did
C G/B Am7 It was the way she'd bite my lower lip and push her hips against my hips
Dm G/B Am7*(x4) and dig her nails so deep into my skin.
(Mute Strings) Fast Strum
Am7The first time that I met her I was convinced I had finally found the one
(Mute Strings) Fast Strum
Am7She was convinced I was under the influence of all those drunken romantics
G Am7*(x2)I was reading Fante at the time I had Bukowski on the mind
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)She got a job at Jacobs serving cocktails to the local drunks
Dm G C G/B Am7Against her will I fit the bill I perched down at the end of the bar
G Am*(x2)She said, Space is not just a place for stars I gave you an inch
you want a house with a yard
Dm GBut I know she loved me once, but those days are done
C G/B Am7 She used to call me everyday from a pay phone on her break for lunch
Dm G Cjust to say she can't wait to come home
G/B Am7 F/COhhhh Ohhhh To come home Ohhhh Ohhhhh
C G/B Am7*(x4)to come hooooooooome come home
Dm G C G/B Am7*(x2)The last time that I saw her she was picking through which records were hers
Dm G C G/B Am7Her clothes were packed in boxes, with some pots and pans and books and a toaster
GJust then a mouse scurried across the floor
C Gwe just started laughing til it didn't hurt
Am7 F/Cjust started laughing til it didn't hurt
C Gjust started laughing til it didn't hurt
Am7 F/C end on Cjust started laughing 'til it didn't hurt
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