The Good Life - You Dont Feel Like Coming Home To Me chords

The Good Life -  You Don't Feel Like Home To Me
Standard Tuning

*Probably not correct, but sounds decent enough :)
**D/C - 040232 
  Em* - 022030
D D/CHe sees her face
GThe highway signs
DThe traffic lights
D/C DAnd she's turning red
D/CAt a motel
GOn a double bed
D D/CHe swears he feels her lying there
Em* AAnd she whispers in his ear
Em* A"You can't run away forever"
DBut sometimes
D/C G DThat feels like coming home to me anymore
D/C G It feels like coming home to me
Em* ABut the further off I get
Em* AThe more I get upset
DI could never make it home
D/CShe sees his face
GIn the sweat-stained sheets
DThe dirty cups
D/C DThey keep on piling up
D/CIn the backyard
GSo overgrown
In the dandelions
D D/CThey peek through the cracks in the patio
Em* AShe swears she hears the phone
Em* ABut she only gets a dial-tone
DSo she imagines what'd she say:
D/c G D"If you feel like coming home to me sometime
D/C GYeah, if you feel like coming home to me
Em* AI'll be waiting at the door
Em* AThere is nothing to be sorry for
DSo why can't you come home?
D/C G DDon't you feel like coming home to me anymore?
D/C GYou don't feel like coming home to me?"
Em* AThat's the game you choose
Em* ABut you don't have to play the loser
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