The Good Life - Inmates tab

D                                            Bm
When you said you loved me, did you really love me or did the words just 
Bb                     A            D                          Bm
spill out like drool on my pillow. ‘Cause I was naked when you said those 
                     Bb                    A
words, but I felt covered in your whispered worship.
          G                      D            G               Bm
And as you passed out fast on my shoulder, I imagined a child waiting so sad 
and still for his mom to arrive. 
D                            A
Did she leave you an orphan, in that big, brown leather chair? 
Bb                                     G
Said, “ Don’t you move a muscle, kid, I’ll be back in twenty years,” 
D                                 A
You were scared, you were lonely, but you must’ve been aware;
Bb                            G
life is a series of calluses, this is just another layer. 
Bm                              Bb
So, build’em up, tough it out, yeah, that’s your skin – don’t let anyone 

under there.


D                                       Bm                              Bb
When I said I loved you, it was because I loved you. When I said I needed 
                       A       D
you, well, I really need you. Yeah, I guess you hurt me, for once you’re a 
Bm                                Bb                                A         
man of your words. Well, guess what – I’m leaving – I can’t be your prisoner. 
                 G        D                       G         D
I can't be your prisoner-I won’t, I can't be your prisoner-I won't
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