The Good Life - Some Bullshit Escape tab version 1

Alright, so this isn't exactly how the song is played if you listen to it on the album, 
it's enough to impress the ladies! It's the general chord progression without the fancy 
and whatnot. I tabbed it to the best of my ability and I hope it works for you guys!

E                    Bm                             A
I called in sick for work, said the fever's getting worse
                         D          E
There's a lot of that going 'round
                  Bm                               A
I packed a duffle bag with some clothes from the attic
                           D         E
It's getting colder in the evenings
                   Bm                      A
I hocked my pocket watch and a couple old guitars
                        D          E
I could hardly stand to play them
                      Bm                    A
I drew all my savings out, closed my bank account
                           D          Bm
And stuck the money in the glove box

I drive away on Monday
I couldn't say where I was going to
   E                             Bm
It's just something I had to do

I was bored of it by Thursday
Driving aimlessly down aimless interstates
 E                  Am            E
Searching for cues, yeah for you
                           Bm                                A
And I don't know where you are, I guess I haven't looked too hard
                               D         E
'Cause I'm afraid that I might find you
                        Bm                       A
Is it special where you are, a Xanado or Shangri La?
                    D       Bm
Is it anything like Omaha?
I called in sick on Monday, I was already off the next couple of days
     E                Bm
Some bullshit escape

I was back to work on Thursday, yeah, the fever's gone
I think I've got it beat
     E             Am
That fever bit me, yeah, it bit me
A                          Am             A                   
But I've been sleeping and taking things, I think I've got it beat
And I don't know where you are
I bet I'll never find you out
There's a lot of that going 'round
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