The Good Lovelies - Mrs T chords

Mrs T
capo 1
have a look at youtube for rhythms.


A D Sometimes I think of Mrs T
A DShe was always such a sweet lady
G D A DI went down, down to to Montreal
To trace her younger days A half-smoked cigarette and a broken phrase I went down, down to St Laurent Chorus:
A Get c'est la que j'ai vu
D Ale ciel et la terre tout pres de moi
Get c'est la que j'ai vu
D Atout au meme temps
Sometimes I think about Rita She'll hunt down words just to feed you I wrote it down, and it became a song (Chorus) Now I think about David And what he was like as a little kid I walked down and introduce myself He must have shaken lots of hands Learned the language of many a man I walked down and introduce myself (chorus) note: the french very roughly/google translates to "and that's where I saw the sky and land right near me and that's what I saw at the same time"
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