The Great Divide – Lets Get Out Of Here chords

Let's Get Out of Here(Tonight)
as recorded by:The Great Divide


G Emssi been sittin here watchin smoke circle||
G Em-iround empty bottles of beer
C lately all we been talkin bout
Dis gettin out of here
well i got friends out in west texas baby they got a little place we can stay they stay up all night long there and they sleep on day CHORUS
D Emlets get out of here tonight
Clets throw our hearts in the wind
G D Emand lets fill that highway up with our headlights to night
C G Dtheres a full moon shining down that i'm so tired of watching from this one horse town
C D Cwe can talk a bout it all later in the morning light
D Glets get out of here tonight
BREAK G-Em-G-Em last time i was in amarillo i stayed up till dawn everybody was laughin and singing out on the back lawn maybe that was down in lubbock it was a good time i swear the point is its out there baby and i can take you there REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BREAK i've been sittin here watching smoke circle round empty bottles of beer lately all we been talkin bout is gettin out of here REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BREAK REPEAT BREAK/INTRO and fade
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