The Great Divide – Yesterday Road tab

I saw these guys the other day in concert, and i havent gotten this song out
of my head since. its worth the time to learn, plus its really easy.


Verse 1 C9 G C9 G C9 G Now tonight theres a backroad, a pickup truck, a cab full of buddies, and D C9 G C9 they're gettin drunk. well its Boones farm wine, and its wild turkey G C9 G D straight. and they're pullin theyre pickup through the pasture gate. Verse 2 (same chord progression) Now theres a full moon shinin down on a farm barn, and that fire will be burnin until dawn. its everyone whos someone sittin on a tailgate, wishing they were single, or they had a date. Chorus: (same chord progression) Only thing around here changed, is that those kids, they've all got different names. And the ones that used to hang around, have got a heavy work load. But there minds still go driftin down yesterday road. Verse 3 (same progression) Now today theres a backroad, with an angry old man. cause he's straightenin his mail box and pickin up cans. there were boys woke up with headaches, and there were girls who are ashamed. There'll be parents full of questions, but theres always freinds to blame! Chorus I really like this song, check these guys out. email me with any questions
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