The Greenhornes - Pattern Skies tab

Song: Pattern Skies
Artist: The Greenhornes
Tabbed by: Yahtzee

This song is played a half step down, meaning you're tuned (from lowest to highest)D#,
C#, F#, A, D# (an octave up)


VERSE: The verse is just the power chord pattern(A, A, C, D, A) without the riff. So listen to record for the timing. So from now on, the part with the power chords but no riff is 1. The part with the chords and the riff is RIFF 2. After "its just too much"
CHORUS: This is played behind the "growing old...passing life..looking through" part, the chords follow the lyrics.
Then on "skies" he does RIFF 1 again once, then the next verse. Just listen to the for timing. Send complaints/spam/love letters to: -Yahtzee
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