The Growlers - Little Miss Jack chords

Am EI was trippin down Black Star Road.
Am EItís where I found my new coyote coat.
Am ETook her home and showed her to the buck knife
Am EHung her out on my tree so she could dry
C EBut this wasnít your usual road kill
C E AmIt held the curse of the Little Miss Jack Spell
Am E So next I stepped out outa my home
Am EI got this feeling inside my bones
Am EStarted running thru the blood stained road
Am ETrying to find the old pack of coyote
C EBut this wasnít your usual cuerpo
C E AmIt had the soul that digged me a hole
E AmNow I could hear every voice of long past
E AmThey said they knew why I had come back
E AmThey said I was possessed by little miss jack
E AmTo kill the man whose been setting traps
C EBut this wasnít your usual cult
C Am Ehip to bone the dead coyote
Am EI never did wake from that trance
Am EI killed everyman with traps in his hands
Am EI killed everyman that walked on the path
Am EI killed everyone for little miss Jack
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